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Markus Schäfler, English speaking wedding officiant

wedding officiant for your wedding ceremony in German, English or French, in Germany and worldwide

I became a wedding speaker because of a very special love story: the story of my wife Silvia and me. I was a Catholic priest, she was a parish officer. We were a great team and fell in love.

We both lost our jobs overnight, our financial livelihoods, our standing in the church, our home. We fled to a vacation home for two months, where no one would find us, and made plans for our future together.
We built everything we dreamed of, carried by our love.

The unity between two people was our fate, it has become our profession and has remained our calling to this day. We learn from our couples how they are carried by love, and we accompany them so that love carries them in the future. That's why getting married is more to us - more than just entertainment for your guests, more than just a humorous speech. I would like to pass this "more" on to you in your wedding ceremony, because getting married is one of the most important decisions in your lives!

In my opinion, wedding speakers have to live out of love, because otherwise they are entertainers, not wedding speakers.

It is this love with which I design your wedding ceremony. This includes the appropriate care: Only after we have gotten to know each other intimately in the preparatory meeting, I start designing your very personal ceremony. I put together extensive suggestions for texts, rituals, and music, which are carefully tailored to you. You decide what to choose. The point is that everything in the wedding reflects YOU.

Save your date: +49 (8241) 918-3204 -- markus[at]

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Silvia Schäfler, English speaking wedding officiant

wedding officiant for your wedding ceremony in English, German or French, in Germany and worldwide

You will say YES to each other in an indescribable moment. Indescribable because you cannot describe the feelings you are going to have. You can't really imagine them either. Feelings can only be felt. Your YES will be the highlight of your ceremony, which will bring a smile to your face for a lifetime!

"Just" telling your story is not enough for me. Your wedding is too valuable for that. My work begins with your story. I especially love stories that life itself has written: YOUR story. I love exploring personalities. I love to immerse myself in very different cultures and religions. I love to look deeper. I love creating something completely new.

Your personalities and your love are the dramaturgy, the red thread in your wedding ceremony. When we start our creative time together, I start the creative process from scratch. I won't know any more than you will about what your wedding ceremony will look like. I only know: together we will create something so special, beautiful, immortal, unique - indescribable.

And then your big day will come. I look into your shimmering, shining eyes: It is exactly this moment that I can't get enough of. I am so grateful that I can live my passion as a profession.

Everyone present will also feel this special moment. "My niece entered the wedding as a bride and walked out into her married life as a wife." I often hear sentences like this from relatives and very close friends after a wedding. They can feel that inner commitment the couple made in this very moment when the couple's life changes in a permanent covenant. It is a gift that we can prepare but not give.

What are you dreaming of? Tell me!

Save your date: +49 (8241) 918-3204 -- silvia[at]

English wedding ceremony - an American dessert hawk brings the rings

Dear Markus and Silvia,
We want to express our sincere gratitude for the brilliant job you both did performing our wedding ceremony on a yacht sailing through New York harbor.  Your thoughts and words were chosen so perfectly for us specifically, and they were so heartfelt and genuine. We particularly enjoyed how you both took turns performing the ceremony together in a smooth and meaningful way and timed everything perfectly to match the setting sun! All of our wedding guests shared with us that the ceremony itself was incredibly touching, and seemed so well suited specifically for us as a couple.
You demonstrated your remarkable versatility and professionalism in the ease with which you handled all of our specific requirements and details; for instance, coordinating travel to the United States, handling the proper documentation, and for doing the entire ceremony in English (not to mention the wind from the top deck of the ship as we sailed past Manhattan down the Hudson River).  Everything went perfectly, and we could not have been happier. 
Thank you also for your gifts, especially the great story picked out just for us. By the way, a number of our guests loved that story so much that they’ve asked us to send them copies as it is a favorite memory of the day. Thank you for the priceless memories, M. & J.

English wedding ceremony - an American dessert hawk brings the rings

Dear Markus,
we are so happy that you married us. It was simply fantastic! The wedding was exactly as we had wanted it to be, and your words really nailed it! All our guests were so impressed by your wonderful ceremony! In retrospect, I'm really happy that the Roman Catholic Church had screwed it all up and fate led us to you.

S. & K.

getting married in the snow: winter wedding ceremony in the Bavarian Alps at Lake Schliersee

Dear Markus,

What an absolutely beautiful ceremony you performed for L. and me. Even with the short timeline we placed on you, we were able to meet with you twice in person! This allowed us to get to know you, which allowed us to be comfortable enough to share such a sacred moment with us.
Your professional, yet casual approach guided us effortlessly through the ceremony. The care and detail you put into every word you said was remarkable. We couldn't have wished for a better ceremony, and it'll never be forgotten! Thank you for sharing in the unconditional love that 22.02.2022 brought!

L. & S.

English speaking wedding officiant for your wedding ceremony in Munich and worldwide

Dear Silvia,
we are still very overwhelmed about the wounderful private ceremony you have done for us. It was very emotional and absolutely special for us. We never thought you could get us and our story so well!
You did an amazing job and all friends and family gave the same feedback.
Many thanks for making our day perfect! All the best, K.&G.

mountain wedding in the Bavarian Alps with English speaking wedding officiant

Dear Markus,
Thank you for presiding at our wedding. Your thoughtful words helped make the day special. Thank you for telling our story in your own unique way without even having met us! We feel very lucky to have found you. From the beginning you invested a lot of time to get to know us as individuals but also as a couple. You were genuinely interested in our story, our beliefs, our hopes and our dreams. You then used this knowledge to craft a personalized ceremony.
It was truly special for us to be able to have a ceremony in English and in German, and you helped us with unique suggestions and ideas that made their way into our ceremony - a ceremony that resonated with us and our special guests thanks to your contributions. Our ceremony really played a big part in making the day so special. Best wishes, A. & J.

German-Vietnamese wedding ceremony in English with German wedding officiant in Bavaria

Hello Markus,
It has been two months that we tied the knot!! Everything works perfectly well. We are still living in Coburg now and plan to move to Shanghai in October. We just received the picture of our big day and attached you will see two of them from the ceremony. It was really sweet memory of our ceremony in Burgellern, in the garden, under the big tree of hundreds years old, with breeze and drizzle, family and friends around us...
We especially would like to thank you for your great job as our ceremony leader. Your touching and expressive speech, your gentle voice of presenting the truth of love, your special and meaningful gift to us.. everything composes the perfect wedding ceremony we have been looking for. Not only us, we also received very positive feedbacks from our guests, no matter where they come from. Everyone enjoyed that fabulous moment, and it will stay lifelong in our mind…  Once again, we would like to thank you for helping us to create such beautiful and legendary chapter in our life.
We would also like to give our best wishes to you and your wife… Hope you stay happy and healthy… Hope all of us can carry on our life with such wonderful joy, because it’s a splendid world, and we find each other in this world…
Best wishes, V. & T.

English speaking wedding officiant blesses parents and child on a ship on Lake Constance

Dear Markus,
our dream wedding - and you contributed a major part. Thank you so much for your wonderful, magical words in two languages!
We felt we were in very good hands with you, and you met exactly what we had in mind.
All the best,
C. & D.

wedding ceremony in English and German in Bavaria, Germany

Dear Silvia, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for performing our wedding ceremony at Schloss Pertenstein. The ceremony was filled with heart, love and emotion and we are both extremely happy with the entire proceeding.  Your words were absolutely perfect. They fit so well, not only for us, but also for all our guests. Many of them commented on how amazing the ceremony was for them, too. We can honestly say that it was a perfect ceremony for the perfect  day!
The fact that you conducted the ceremony in two different languages (German and English) with the same level of passion and vigor is a testament to your professionalism and ability.  Everything you said deeply touched our hearts and also struck an emotional tone with each and every individual at our wedding.
We would like to share two stories with you that will forever be associated with the ceremony you performed on our wedding day: After the ceremony two good friends of ours, who follow the Catholic Church quite seriously, told us that the ceremony showed them that it’s not only churches that can bind couples together, but also that God can be everywhere.
The second story is about two friends who have been married for several years now. Their marriage had been struggling for some months at the time of our wedding.  Six months after our wedding, they told us that our ceremony really helped them to think about their marriage and helped them to look at things with a different perspective on what they both have with each other.  It is because of this that they were able to take a step forward and partly resolve their issues.
You are an incredibly genuine person and we cannot thank you enough for sharing this day with us. We will highly recommend you to anybody and everybody! J. & N.

wedding couple thanks for bilingual wedding ceremony in English and German

Dear Markus,
Thanks again for the wonderful ceremony, we are both very happy how it went, and all of our guests appreciated that the ceremony was in both German and English. We appreciated the casual nature of the ceremony as it put everybody at ease, and in a great mood to celebrate the day. Even though we are both living in the US, planning a wedding in Germany, the ceremony went smoother than expected and I know our guests will not forget our special day. You truly made our day! Best,B.& T.

wedding ceremony in English at Lake Constance, Germany

Liebe Silvia,
How do we offer THANKS for the miracle you created for us - in less than a month? Our ceremony was DIVINE because of many reasons, but especially due to your support and dedication. Everyone felt included and loved. We are blessed to have found you and have you in our lives! Vielen Dank for making the impossible possible. Ganz liebe Grüße aus Atlanta, JoJo.

wedding ceremony with English speaking wedding officiant at Lake Starnberg, Bavaria

Dear Markus,
thank you so much for the wonderful wedding ceremony at Lake Starnberg which you created for us exactly according to our ideas.
Thank you for your gorgeous ideas, your excellent lyrics and your subtle presentation.
Thank you for your empathy, your humor and your presence, they touched our hearts.
We will forever remember our peaceful, sunny wedding morning with you in front of a natural backdrop.
Yours, S. & R.